Happy Halloween | Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival | Christine Hanks Photography

Happy Halloween! This last month I’ve been to Half Moon Bay just about every weekend. Most of the time it was super sunny and hot, which is really unheard of, but I enjoyed it! Dom and I made our way and spent some time at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. I’ve been wanting to take him for years, and we finally made it happen.

We drove over the hill early in the morning. When the air was still crisp, we were able scout out the pumpkin food we wanted to try and checked out some of the local artisans. We definitely got some drinks to start out the day, and we got the cutest memorabilia glasses! 

We saw GIANT pumpkins and kids dressed up in their costumes. On our way back home, we picked up a few cute pumpkins for our home and enjoyed the pumpkin patch activities. Here are a few of our shots that we took to remember the day. 

I hope you have a great Halloween night! The costumes I’ve have been SO good! I’ll be sharing the festivities on my Instagram, so follow along! Happy Halloween!

Cute as a Pumpkin | Half Moon Bay | Christine Hanks Photography

I fully embrace all festivities, especially when it comes to the holidays. Halloween is right at the beginning of the season, so I love to make my way to Half Moon Bay. It’s the main destination in the Bay Area to find that perfect pumpkin. I got to go a few times and even went to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. I’ll share more about that next week!

Here a few images from the fun photo shoots I did with Natalie from Pastels and Passports and Sarah from Sassy red Lipstick! Look at all the rows of pumpkins!

Do you have any autumn traditions that you like to do each year? I’d love to know so that maybe I can try too!


Fall Again | Life with Bela | Christine Hanks Photography

Alright folks, it’s October and lots of changes are coming about! The leaves are changing. There’s a small chill in the air. And things just feel a bit cozier. :) Personally, I’m going through a lot of changes, like my career and daily schedule. I guess it’s fitting for me to change will the seasons are too.

Bela is definitely showing off her fall fashion changes with two great looks! I love how either of these outfits can be dressed up for a nice dinner over the weekend or dressed down for a more casual taste.

Velvet is making a H U G E comeback and I’m not even mad about it! Check out her blog for more fun changes in your wardrobe.

It’s been a while | Christine Hanks Photography

Hey there! I know it’s been a couple of months since I’ve been active on the blog, but a lot of things have been going on.

I just finished a 10-week immersive course in UX design at General Assembly. I quite my full time job and put my photography on pause for a bit to focus on the course. I learned so much about UX design, emotional intelligence, collaboration, and more.

In the coming weeks, I’m hoping to get a job as a UX designer and continue to grow my photography business on the side. So if you know anyone whose hiring, let me know! ;)

Feel free to check out my UX design work. I’ll be blogging her to show you more up dates either once a week or every other week.


Summer Swimmies with Two Peas in a Prada & Sassy Red Lipstick | Christine Hanks Photography

This summer has been filled with so many cute swim suites! The bloggers I’ve worked with have picked some very fun different swim suites for the season and I wanted to share a couple here!

First, I have Ashley from Two Peas in a Prada that’s sporting Ashley Graham’s collab with Swim Suites for All. I love the two different bikinis that give you fully butty coverage. She looks so good in these outfits and they’re perfect for laying out by the pool.

Second, Sarah from Sassy Red Lipstick has some fun colorful suites that totally speak my bright personality! These two suites are from boohoo, and from my experience their clothes are true to their description. I’ve gotten suites and other pieces of clothing and have loved everything!

She also has this fun Tropic Like It’s Hot one piece from primark and this tangerine two piece from Albionfit! I have a different Albionfit suite and I love if to pool parties. I feel super confident in it and it’s very flattering!

Please go and check out their blogs for more summer fashion! They’ve got everything covered for you.

Pastel and Passports | Christine Hanks Photography

I love it when I meet other boss babes who are career driven and have a passion for travel! Natalie from Pastels and Passports is one of those ladies, and I’m so glad we work together!

Her Instagram feed is a see of pastel beauty that is inspired by the many places she travels to and her home of San Francisco. She also knows many other awesome accounts to follow for travel inspiration, so I love it when she shares her favorites.

Check out her colorful blog for some wanderlust inspiration!

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Claudia’s Graduation | Palo Alto, CA | Christine Hanks Photography

Wow! It’s already half way through the year and many folks are tossing their graduation caps up in the air! June is always fun. There are BBQs, pool parties and graduations that are launching into the summer.

Summer is my favorite season, so I love this time of year.

Claudia is a nursing student and she’s been working so hard to graduate this semester. When we were taking her photos, she was telling me about all the time she’s put into her studies and work as a student. 

She really wanted to capture this time in her life, because her aunt, whose like her mama, really encouraged her to pursue nursing as her career. Claudia expressed all the amazing support she had from her mama and I totally understand that love and appreciation.

Claudia- I’m so glad that we got to snap these amazing photos of you! You deserve all the best and keep working hard to hit your goal, girl!

Cheers and congrats to all the different graduates of 2017! 

Summer at the Winery with Bela | Wente Vineyards | Christine Hanks Photography

Many of my close friends know that I’m a big wine-o! I wouldn’t say I’m a wine snob, but I LOVE going wine tasting and trying new things. I’m making my way to have a better palette that can differ between different smells and tastes.

When Bela from Life with Bela asked me to do a photo shoot at Wente Vineyards, I obviously said yes and was super excited about the shoot!

We started with a tasting to get us in the mood and shot some awesome, colorful pieces that a perfect for summer! These are comfy and chic outfits that could be great for a summer wedding, weekend vacation or even a date night out!

Bela is one of the sweetest ladies I know! Not only is she incredibly fashionable, she’s crazy smart too! Beauty + brains…I’m all about it! 

Check out her blog for all the links to shop these looks. :)


Want some more fashion tips? Check out this post with a few of the different bloggers I’ve worked with.

Bay Area Head Shots | Christine Hanks Photography

As of recently, I’ve been offering up a new product, which is head shots! Having a professional head shot is important to have especially here in the Bay Area. Quite of a few of Dom’s friends are actors, so naturally a head shot is required for their profession.

However, it’s good to have a good shot that you can use for contact information. Online professional platforms are elevated when you have a professional take a good photo of you. Places like Linked In or internal sites within your company just have a more confident feel when there’s a professional image there.

I also want to mentioned that I definitely take in account your personality and the profession you’re in. Your head shot to speak to who you are. I like to think of it as a snap shot of the best version of you! 

Our photo shoot is one hour or less and we go around to different locations and create some beautiful images. It’s simple, fun and painless. So if you’ve been wanting to get your head shots done, let me know! I’d love to work with you.


Gina & Nick Married | Monterey, CA | Christine Hanks Photography

Let me take you back to a warm summer’s day in Monterey, CA. Gina and Nick are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. When I met up with Nick, I could see the excitement in his eyes and BIG smile. :D 

I’m so glad Jessica Angeline had me assist her on this special wedding day. Gina and Nick having actually been married for a few years now. Nick is in the military and before he went away over seas, the two married to show their commitment and love to each other. However, Gina was a bit heart broken, because she had always dreamed of a big wedding day. Nick promised that he’s make her dream a reality, and here we are today seeing it all unfold.

They were joined by their lovely family and friends who’ve supported their journey. Seeing everyone’s smile light up when Gina walked into the room was so sweet to see!

Gina and Nick- Thank you so much for allowing me to help and capture your very special wedding day. I can tell that you two are made for each other and I love seeing the strong support that you have for the other’s dreams. Your family and friends were so fun, and I hope you always look back at these memories with love in your eyes.

Cheers to you!

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