Alt Summit 2018 Part I | Palm Springs California | Call Me Christine

Last month I got to make way back to Alt Summit for the second time! It was back in sunny Palm Springs at the colorful Saguaro Hotel. This time around I decided to schedule photo shoots with women who need content for their platforms or a new head shot.

During the three days I was there, I had fifteen photo shoots! 😱 It was pretty crazy, but I loved every minute of it. I’ll be sharing a few faves spread across blog posts, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Amanda Nowak from The Simple Home.

Hail Nowak from All Hail Design. Hail and I actually interned together at Disneyland a few years ago, so it was a major treat to create some fun imagery with her!

Kachet Jackson from The Kachet Life.

Kara from Fabulistas. She actually saw me photographing another person and asked if we could schedule a photo shoot. It was totally last minute, but I love these images!

Katie Miller form The KT Miller.

Kristen Poissant and her girls from the Creative Clique: Stass from The Identite Collective, Tierra Wilson, Cass from The Girl Brand, and Christina from By Stina Faye

Laura Witting from The Brightly Co. I actually met Laura last year at Alt Summit and now work with her on the design side of things at The Brightly Co! 

Lindsay Glatz a photographer from New Orleans!

I LOVED how everyone embraced color and the Palm Springs lifestyle in their own way. This is only the half of the bunch, so I’ll be sharing more soon! 


In Home Session with the Allens Photography | Christine Hanks Photography

Hey there! Today I’m going to be sharing some really sweet, personal photos that our little fur family took.

Our amazing friend Jiyeon from The Allens Photography stopped on by to capture some sweet moments of our life in our apartment. This is the first time Dom and I have lived together, so I loved the idea of having photos to look back on this time in our lives.

Of course, Carmello and Pinot were involved with the photo shoot too. They make our fur family whole and Pinot is actually pretty small in these shots too. (WAHHH! He’s so big now!)

These photos are just a day in the life. Nothing too crazy or fancy. And I absolutely love that! Jiyeon and Torian are great friends of ours and I love their work (you can check them out at– so I was pretty giddy and couldn’t wait to see all of the photos!

I will cherish these forever!


K+A’s Mural Hunt | Down town San Jose | Christine Hanks Photography

Hey there friends! I’ve got the sweetest story to share with you about today’s post! Kathryn and Andy are from the East Coast, and a few years ago they had the opportunity to move to the Bay Area.

They’ve loved making their home in the South Bay, and even adopted their sweet pup River from a local shelter in Walnut Creek. As of recently, they’ve both had the opportunity to move back to the East Coast, closer to family. So to remember their time here in California, they booked a photo shoot with me!

They wanted to include color and the awesome art culture in San Jose, so we made our way to the SoFa District in down town San Jose. We also stopped by the Forager Tasting Room for a cup of joe to make sure we stayed nice and cozy!

Kathryn and Andy- it was so great to capture these precious memories. I know your time in the Bay Area has meant so much to you, so I’m glad you have some photos that you can always look back on. Have the best time on the East Coast, and please come back for a visit!

If you love this story, check out Gina and Nick’s dream beach wedding and Jessica and Cristian’s wedding photo shoot at San Pedro Square in down town San Jose. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! | Christine Hanks Photography

Happy Valentine’s Day friends! Right now I’m finishing up work and grabbing some fish for our home made dinner tonight! I really hate the idea of over spending with lots of crowds, so the last few years we’ve stayed in and made dinner. Last year we made poke bowls, and were doing that again this year. Mmmm so good!

I love seeing all the Galentine’s gifts and outfit inspirations. Here’s a photo shoot I did with Christina from Classtige with some awesome Valentine’s inspired looks. She’s got a cute floral and also a couple sassy red dresses that are my fave!

Regardless if this is a romantic day or a singles awareness day for you, I’m sending you lots of XOXOs! You get to feel loved because you are perfect just the way you are. 

For more pink inspiration, check out my past photo shoot with Jireh Artistry here!

Embracing All the Color | Christine Hanks Photography | San Francisco, CA

During the last couple of weeks, I went back and reflected on 2017. I looked at the goals I wrote for the year. I definitely achieved a few, and saw how they evolved over time. I also looked up my #bestnine2017 and saw that you all really loved the personal and super colorful images! Definitely no surprise there. :D

So this year, you better believe I’ll be bringing more of that. To start the year off embracing color, I have client who traveled out to San Francisco for a vacation, and wanted to capture some colorful images.

I took her to a couple of my favorite spots in the Mission, including the colorful house of my dreams and Balmey Alley.

I’m very excited for what 2018 has to come! Let’s fill this journey together and embrace the color!

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Holiday Batch | San Francisco, CA | Christine Hanks Photography

Anyone else in full swing holiday mode? I totally am! Here a few things we’ve done so far: holiday wine parties, cable car ride to look at Christmas lights, Christmas decorating, and of course the shopping!

Holiday parties are so fun to go to. I get to dress up a bit and add some sparkle- both in my attire and drink!

This season I got to shoot the Holiday Batch party coordinated by Monica Cruz-Hernandez from Living in Vogue. Batch is an amazing shop that brings in furniture and other goods that are curated from all over the world. 

Their shop is gorgeous, so I was stoked to take a few shots of their Holiday Batch.

There’s less than a week left until Christmas, and you better believe I’m filling up my schedule with more fun holiday festivities! What do you love to do during the holiday season?

Head Shots with Jana | San Jose, CA | Christine Hanks Photography

One of my favorite parts of this business is working with folks who have never had professional photos taken of them. It’s a new experience. They are usually nervous, but I always deliver a super fun experience!

Jana reached out to me because she wanted to get head shots done for her professional online platforms. These days, it’s good to have professional head shots. You can add them to your work directory, LinkedIn profile, resume and even online dating sites!

Also, head shots don’t have to be boring! Personally, I love to add the personality of the client I’m working with. Your head shot should reflect you!

Let’s work together and make some beautiful head shots. Time to up that online dating game. ;)


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Where Gratitude Exists | Christine Hanks Photography

As the days unfold and 2017 comes to a close, I can’t help but think about all of the good things that have happened this year. One that sticks out to me is the growth of my photography business. Christine Hanks Photography has been in motion for a few years now, but this year I’e gained a ton of momentum. 

I’ve loved being able to expand my clientele to fashion bloggers (like Christina from Classtige whose in all these photos) and small brands. Supporting small businesses has always been a priority of mine, and I’m glad my business collaborates with many of those folks.  

Of course with a growing business comes stress and anxiety. Over Thanksgiving I went to a yoga class, and my teacher was talking about the crippling feeling of anxiety. Anxiety is the fear of the future, and we tend to create worse case scenario illusions that increase our stress level. Since it is an illusion, we have the power to begin the healing process. She said, “Where gratitude exists, fear cannot.” I’ll repeat that to sink in a bit…

Where gratitude exists, fear cannot. 

I’ve been repeating this mantra in my head and writing 3 things I’m grateful for everyday. It’s really helped me gain deeper appreciation for what I have, and has helped me to let go of what I can’t control. 

I encourage you as the year closes, think of what you can be grateful for and focus your energy towards that. 

Thank you to my many clients this year who have worked with me this to grow my business. I’m really excited for what 2018 brings!

Happy Halloween | Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival | Christine Hanks Photography

Happy Halloween! This last month I’ve been to Half Moon Bay just about every weekend. Most of the time it was super sunny and hot, which is really unheard of, but I enjoyed it! Dom and I made our way and spent some time at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. I’ve been wanting to take him for years, and we finally made it happen.

We drove over the hill early in the morning. When the air was still crisp, we were able scout out the pumpkin food we wanted to try and checked out some of the local artisans. We definitely got some drinks to start out the day, and we got the cutest memorabilia glasses! 

We saw GIANT pumpkins and kids dressed up in their costumes. On our way back home, we picked up a few cute pumpkins for our home and enjoyed the pumpkin patch activities. Here are a few of our shots that we took to remember the day. 

I hope you have a great Halloween night! The costumes I’ve have been SO good! I’ll be sharing the festivities on my Instagram, so follow along! Happy Halloween!

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